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The Perfect Companion, Part three

September 17, 2010

     “Your mom called.”
     “So?” Andrew slammed down on his bed.  The mattress sagged.  “I told you, I’m not talking to her anymore.  She’s crazy.”
     “She just wants to know how you’re doing?”
     “Right.  She doesn’t understand me and never will and I’m tired of all her crap.  All she does is nag and boss me around.”
     Andrew frowned down at his feet that were dangling off the edge of his bed.  “Sam, do you know anything about girls?”
     Sam shrugged, “What do you want to know?”
     Andrew rolled over on his side and raised his head on his arm.  “Why are they so difficult?”
     “What happened.”
     Andrew sighed, “You know how I like to walk in the park to clear my head?”
     “Well, I saw this girl about my age with wispy blond hair.  Here, let me show you.  Andrew fished in his pocket  for a moment and pulled out a tiny memory crystal and tossed it to Sam.  “I pulled all her personal information.”
     Sam processed the information.  “She seems . . . nice, but not very happy.”
     Andrew glanced at Sam.  “Seems is the operative word, she isn’t nice in person.”
     “Yeah.  I walked up and said hello to her.  Even smiled.”
     “She said I was creepy.”
     “Oh.” Sam paused.  “Well, she isn’t the right woman for you.  You’ll find the right one some day.”
     “You think so?”
     “Of course.  According to all the surveys taken of women in the last one hundred years, some things remain constant.  Women want a man that’s just himself and not an actor.  When they’re looking for a man, they like one that’s respectful and listens.  They like being treated special by a man, it makes them feel safe.  And the majority of women want to meet, and marry, their best friend.”
     “According to all the data, this is what women want.”
     “Huh.  Well, how do I do that?”
     “By being yourself.  Some woman is going to notice what a fine young man you are, go make friends with some women and then it will just happen.”
     “I guess so.”

     “I am so angry right now.”  Andrew kicked his bed, hard.
     “What happened?”
     “The same thing that always happens, Sam.  Women are so confusing.  I was with Lisa and a couple other people from work this evening.  Went and had a couple of drinks.  Lisa told me what a good friend I was.”
     “Not good.  I told her I liked her.”
     “Women like to hear that.”
     “Oh she liked it, she said she liked me too.  Then I told her, I liked her a lot.   I mean a lot, lot.”
     “Then she got all weird on me.  Told me she liked me as a friend, but only as a friend.”
     “I said I wanted to be more than friends.”
     “And what did she say?”
     “That if I didn’t stop, she didn’t think we could work together anymore.”
     “Perhaps you should go to one of the clubs and dance.”
     “I don’t know how to dance.”
     “I can teach you.”

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  1. September 17, 2010 3:54 pm

    You might think about putting some ellipses in between “I guess so.” and “I am so angry right now!” to suggest some time passing.

    Just sayin.


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