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The Perfect Companion, part five

September 25, 2010

     Andrew ran his hand through his sparse hair, “That’s it Sam, I’m through with women.”
     “Even me?” Sam gestured to itself, it currently had the aspect of th most popular female celebrity.
     “You’re not a woman.” He eyed Sam’s lush curves, smooth unblemished skin and heart-shaped face, “I’m sorry, that’s not true.  You’re more of a woman than any of them ever will be.”  He rushed over to its gentle embrace.
      “Tell me what happened.” Same gently stroked Andrew’s brow.
      The gentle motion of Sam’s fingers started to relax him.  “Just a fight with Amanda, but its the same thing over and over.  They’re strangely predictable in a crazy way.  They’re all selfish, entitled and nasty.  They say one thing and do another and they blame whoever is convenient for their own stupidity.”
      Sam continued caressing Andrew’s forehead.
      “They’re not worth it, not worth the trouble.  Not one of them is half as good in bed as you are,  and all the crap you have to put up with just to be around them.  The moods, the crazy arguments about nothing.  They seem to expect you to be a mind reader, but I suspect even if you could read their minds, they’d immediately tell you that that’s not what they really want and you should know better.  And they boss you around.  Constantly.  Like you’re a slave, a servant, a tool for them to use.”
      Andrew looked into Sam’s dark brown eyes.  “I’m through with them.  The only person that has ever made me happy was you.”
      “I was made for you.”
      “Yes, you were.”

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