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It always starts with tears

March 30, 2011

     You get inured to tears as an attorney.  There is no way that you can be an attorney and not get so used to tears that they become routine.  Men cry, women cry, children cry.  They will call you sobbing when something unexpected happened, they will cry in your office when they realize their hopes and dreams just got completely dashed.   I have seen fat, slobs blubber until the snot ran down their faces, I have seen business men sit while the tears quietly streamed down their faces.  I have watched tears glisten at the edges of proud, elegant women, I have seen beautiful, average, and ugly women red-faced and blotchy from tears.
     I have watched children wail in desperation, I have seen them sob, I have seen them try not to cry until their throats were hoarse and raw from the effort.
     I’m not sure which depresses me more, that you could fill the oceans with the tears, or that I’m so used to them.

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  1. April 7, 2011 5:31 pm

    Several lawyer posts. And I thought you were a doctor with a masters degree. In science.

    Welcome back. I need to stop slacking.

    CJ: I have a Doctorate in everything, kind of like Albert Schweitzer. I am really trying to get my novel finished and e publish it so we’ll see how the posting here goes.


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