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Uno and Fog: A Potential Team-Up

April 23, 2019

“I need your help.”  Ms. Teri glanced at The Fog before looking back at me.  I didn’t see any point in keeping him out of the loop.  She obviously knew about us, or she wouldn’t be here.  Even so, I had him come up, instead of going down to the lair.  Somethings are best kept secret if possible.

The Fog was paranoid enough to sweep my place for bugs every day.  I didn’t bring up thee fact that I would be able to sense those things if they were planted.  He also had small items placed along the floor length windows that caused random vibrations in the glass to interfere with any laser or other type of audio surveillance.

Even so, I knew he hated having conversations that were so exposed.

“You need out help, with what?”

“The LMSK.  He is more than a serial killer.  Having seen the pattern beneath his killings,
I believe he is attempting to summon an Old God, for lack of a better word, and he is close to doing it.  While these things are imprecise, he needs one more sacrifice to complete the ritual and let something from the primordial realm cross through.  This has happened before and the pattern is similar.  Add into that the theft of a Tecpatl from the Natural History Museum last year, which I believe he stole makes this a matter of some urgency.”


“An obsidian knife used by the Aztecs to perform human sacrifice.  This particular one had been used countless times and its dark power is considerable.”

“Sumerian, Enochian and Aztec?  Isn’t that jumbling a lot of different cultures into one ritual?”

“Where the knife came from isn’t important, what it was used for is.  As for the Sumerian and Enochian, any old language will work, its the intent that matters more than the language.  Although I think the Enochian is just there to confuse the police.”

If it was anyone else saying this, I would have considered whether they were mentally ill, but it was Teri.   There were stories of her fighting spirits, demons and half-dead gods

“Why aren’t you asking Luminary?”  I ask.

I swear she grimaced slightly, although it is hard to tell with her face paint.  “Luminary is occupied at the moment and cannot assist me.  I am asking others, but the two of you are already looking into the murders and seemed the natural first choice since you were already.

“He will be looking for his last victim.  If you track down the killer, let me know.”  She tossed each of us a burner phone.  “A number to reach me is on each of those, leave a message and I will find you.”

“Should these be crystals?  Or mirrors, or something?”

“Now who’s being cliché?”  she smirked.  That sent a chill down my spine since I had said that a few hours ago in the room of the last victim and there had been no one else in there, as far as I could tell.

“I’ll be in touch.”  She said and stepped through the door to the patio outside. I watched her lift gently into air and slowly gain speed as she headed out into the darkness.

I watched her fly away with what I admit was envy.

The Fog came up beside me.  “She’s not being straight with us.”

I sighed.  “I know.  She keeps referring to the killer as a he there’s been plenty of evil female conjurers.  She knows who it is.”



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