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Uno and Fog: Me and My Shadow

April 29, 2019

I woke up in the early morning darkness.  I felt that brief disorientation between waking up and realizing where I was and why.  Then I wondered why I was awake. I remember phoning Ms. Teri, but a quick check didn’t show anyone else in the penthouse.

I sensed, rather than heard movement in my bedroom.  I chill rushed through me and I felt a moment of panic. Something was in here with me, and it wasn’t human, wasn’t even an animal.  I hit the panic button I had with me and hoped The Fog would be there soon.

I tried to be a still as possible.  I heard something shredding my bedding in the other room.  Not feeling so paranoid now, do you?  I thought to myself.

Whatever was in there was trashing my entire bedroom once it realized that I wasn’t in the bed.  It didn’t curse in frustration, or make any noise at all. No heavy breathing or grunting.  The only sound was cloth ripping, furniture getting broken and overturned. It wouldn’t be long before it came out looking for me.

It had me at an advantage, I couldn’t see or hear it.  I could fix that, assuming it wasn’t invisible, but not yet.

It stopped thrashing in the bedroom and then it went quiet.  Not even a creak on the floor.  Nothing.  I knew it was coming.  Its funny how quickly your mind turns to prayer when you’re afraid.  I’ve faced off against many things because of the life I have chosen, but the worst part was not knowing.

It was in the living area with me, I got the impression it was listening for me.  There was movement passing before the little bit of light from outside that came in around the edges of the shades. Something distorted and misshapen.  I tried not to breath.

When I was young and played hide and seek with my nan, or friends I could remember how my breathing would speed up and sound so much louder than normal.  Whether it was the adrenalin or the fact that you were paying attention to your breathing, or both, it didn’t really matter in the end.  I was starting to get that same sense I was making too much noise.

I suppressed the current flowing along my nerves to my lungs, my throat, my heart. Slowing everything down.  Something came closer, I could feel it looming over me. I wanted to wait for The Fog, but I didn’t have anymore time. I sent power flowing through the electrical system, making every light in the penthouse blazing.

It was bright, but I knew it was coming.  The thing before me didn’t and actually flinched as the light came on.  It was a creature of smoke and shadow.  No eyes, and although there were tendrils swirling out from it, I wasn’t sure if it actually had appendages.  Mostly murky, you could see through it in places.  It didn’t like the light.   I’m not sure if the light hurt it, it didn’t react that way, but I got the sense it didn’t like it and it paused.  I rolled off the couch and scrambled to my feet.

I ran from it, speeding myself up and generating power to attack it.  I heard the door from the stairwell opening, but I didn’t glance in that direction.  It had to be The Fog.

I sent an arch of electricity at it which poked a hole in it and left a scorch mark on my wall behind it which would have annoyed my sensibilities if it hadn’t alarmed me more.  As soon as the electricity stopped, the hole in it closed.  It didn’t look hurt.  I considered pouring more power into the lights making it bright, but I worried about popping the bulbs.  Accidently making it darker wasn’t going to help my situation.  I doubted speeding myself up and hitting it with a flurry of fists was going to work either.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next.


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