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Uno and Fog: Chasing Down Leads

May 3, 2019

When I got back to what was now my abode in the sub basement in my building, The Fog was busy pouring over documents.  There were several local news stations playing behind him on the screens, the noise almost entirely off.  I noticed, with satisfaction, that LMSK’s visage was being displayed on one of the local news stations.  The Fog had convinced them the tip was legit.  I wondered briefly why Teri hadn’t tipped off the police.  Was it out of some sense of protecting the normal, or some other reason?

The Fog had been busy, I could see parts and pieces of stuff in the area set aside for constructing equipment.  He was always tinkering, a couple of disassembled flash grenades, part of a grappling gun, infrared googles, sonic dampeners and other pieces and scraps were strewn around the workbenches and, I could see scraps around the metal press.

“You adding iron to everything?” I guessed.

He looked up from a sheaf of papers, “That and other things to what I can.”

I sat down beside him, I filled him in on my visit with Teri, “So, where are we at?”

He sighed, “There are several things to look into.  The first is if there is actually a pattern, other than pizza deliveries and convenience to where the murders happened.  I have been looking at occult symbols, old languages, especially Enochian and Sumerian.”

“Did you try R’lyehian?”

“Even that.” Hard to be funny when he has already taken the joke seriously.

“I have also been trying to find a connection to the victims, other than Mighty Meaty Mike’s pizza, but nothing so far there either.  Six is a small set, granted, but once I determined the delivery radius for the pizza place and checked the demographic compositions of the neighborhoods, the victims seem random.  I have come to the conclusion that they were victim of circumstances and the way of how and when they died was more important than the where and the who.”

He hands me a stack of files.  “You got the autopsies?”

“Of course.”  I don’t ask him how he got them, I’m not sure I want to know.  He keeps an extensive list of people he has helped and will often ask for them to reciprocate so it could be as simple as that, or he broken into the coroner’s office.

I flip through the files, glancing at the pictures of the bodies, the injuries that all seem to come from the same sized blade. “That’s going to make it hard to find the final victim, or where he’s going to make the last sacrifice.”

“Maybe,” The Fog stood up and stretched, “but the final sacrifice is the most important one, both the victim and the location for that might be very significant, I just haven’t figured out how yet.”

“So that leaves us with finding out what we can about him and trying to find where he’s hiding.”

The Fog nodded, “I’ve been gathering what I can on him, school records, family history.  He tests considerably higher than his grades would indicate, he avoided sports other than running and swimming.”

“Individual instead of team sports.  Let me guess, not a lot of friends, no romantic relationships.”

“Probably, but we won’t know that for sure.”

“Only child?”  I wondered.

“Indeed.  Father was a banker, mother was an accountant.  They don’t appear to belong to any church or organized religion.”

“So he went and found one.”

“I have often found that people seek out the things they lack, or think they lacked growing up.”  The Fog seemed to be implying something in those words, but whatever it was it was lost on me.

“I can set up an internship with my company and head over to New Light University to look for recruits and find out what I can over there.”

The Fog agreed, “I will check out his parents and where he grew up.”




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