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Uno and Fog: Putting Off the Inevitable

May 17, 2019

It took a lot of dickering.  In the end, we agreed not to attack her and her unborn, and SHE agreed not to attack anything, especially us, and to accompany Ms. Teri who was taking her to whomever she believed could send the soccer mom abomination back to the dimension, realm, parallel world, whereever it was that SHE came from.  I got the distinct impression that SHE wanted to accompany Teri and that I had somehow lost some gambit to her incomprehensible alien logic that saw her goals furthered by doing this.

Ms. Teri didn’t volunteer the information on who she thought could send the old god back and she seemed reluctant to take her, but that could simply be the understandable reluctance of having an inhuman being as a traveling companion

I could not get the soccer mom abomination to accept going back to whence she came as part of the deal which meant she could resist any attempt to do so.

When it was agreed, I was relieved that there wasn’t any kind of blood involved in sealing the deal, or worse something like sealing it with a kiss.  If I am honest the possibility of her devouring me or that I might find her kiss pleasant were both disturbing enough that I was relieved nothing like it came up.

Not even a handshake, but then a handshake was a human tradition and she had at least implied that she was older than any human traditions.

I know there are plenty of loopholes in that agreement that I will regret later, but I was exhausted and a momentary truce seemed preferable to a certain defeat.

I watch Ms. Teri and evil soccer mom (I need to think of a better appellation) soar into the night sky and head north.

The Fog is standing next to me after a moment he says, “you should have killed her child.”

I feel a chill, “I was bluffing.”

“Nevertheless, you should have done what was necessary.”  He keeps staring at the sky as the figures disappear from sight.

“It’s just a baby and SHE would have killed us.”

The Fog looks at me now, “It isn’t just a baby and you know that.”

I don’t answer that because I don’t have an answer.

“It would have been better for everyone else if we had died now then let it live.”  He doesn’t sound angry, just a little disappointed

I don’t say anything.  I shouldn’t be surprised at his ruthlessness, or willingness to lay down his life, but I am.  For an individual that is careful and cautious in his actions, if he believes something is the right course of action, he doesn’t hesitate regardless of the cost.  If our roles had been reversed, he would have ended a life that he believed posed a viable threat to the world.

I’m not sure he’s wrong, but I couldn’t do it.

There is movement across the sky, silent shadows passing the stars overhead heading in the same direction as Ms. Teri had gone moments before.  The Fog pulls out some light enhancing binoculars.

“What is it?”

“Stealth copter.  No markings on it, looks like leopard class.”  He lowers the glasses and searches the night sky for a moment before raising them back and sweeping the sky slowly.


“Leopard are European, so no.  Its Cabal.”

“You don’t know that.”

The Fog looks at me and says flatly, “Cabal.”

I decide there’s no point in arguing with him, “following Teri?

“Occam’s razor.  They were watching us from somewhere.”

“What do you think they want?”

The Fog considers for a moment, “maybe what we do, but quite possibly the opposite.  SHE might be an opportunity for them.”

“Or her child.”

The Fog nods, “there are multiple possibilities for them.”

The child of an old god, even one that’s only half of one could be useful if she could be raised to serve an organization or government.  Plenty of governments and organizations do that now with the endowed.

“I’ll call her, not much else we can do.”

“No there isn’t,” The Fog looks over at the unconscious form of David Coburg, “I’ll get him home, head back and get cleaned up.”  He looks pointedly at my feet which have cuts and bruises forming on them.

I’m too tired to argue with him, I limp back to my penthouse.  I call and leave another message for Teri while resolving to look further into her background, there are questions that need to be answered, not the least of which was that the evil soccer mom had recognized something about her.  That can wait though.

I get to my building and head up to the penthouse.  The idea that I can get back to my own bed tonight after sleeping in the lair lifts my spirits somewhat.

In the elevator, it occurs to me that when David wakes up it will be The Fog he sees and he’ll connect my alias, Michael Pitti with The Fog.  Anything that confuses the trail is for the best.

The mark on the wall is still there from when I fought the shade, but the maid service replaced my shredded bedding.  I wonder what they thought about that.  I slip out of the ruined remains of my suit, as much as I just want some sleep I proceed and take a hot shower.  Watch the dirt and blood rinse away.

Bandage my feet as best I can, I keep the pain at bay and head back to my bedroom.

Resting on the pillow is a red envelope that I swear wasn’t there when I stripped down.

I feel a moment of alarm, but I don’t sense anyone around.  If they wanted to harm me, they wouldn’t have left me a note, I decide.

I’m too tired to care.

I’ll look at it tomorrow.

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