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Uno and Fog: Doubts and Misgivings

June 11, 2019

Back in the church, I have a surreal moment of wondering if I am back in reality, or if this is another induced hallucination.  This kind of mind screw could easily lead to madness where I doubt everything and everyone around me.

Searching all my memories, this fits with everything I remember doing, nothing seems out of place, as before.  I feel fear and uncertainty and not the contentment I did in the dreamland.  Still I have doubts.

The interior of the church is dark, with faint moonlight spilling through the stained glass windows making colored patterns on the floor and wooden pews.  It makes the shadows somehow deeper.  The dark areas feel more dark, sinister.

At the other end of the church, I can see the faint outlines of a rail, lectern, altar and a cross hanging on the wall.  The silhouette of a woman stands by the railing, he back toward me.  I know its HER.

Despite my misgivings, I walk toward her.

I am alone.

I’ve never felt more alone than this moment.  I’ve no idea where The Fog is, and my dependence upon him I suddenly very apparent in his absence.  It’s easy to overcome fear when you have a trusted companion by your side.

Not so much when you’re by yourself.

I am afraid.

“You’re an interesting man, Uno.”  I recognize her voice from the Greensward.  Even though I knew it was HER, the confirmation chills me.

“You know my name.”

“Of course.”  SHE turns her head toward me.

“Are you a mind reader?”

SHE laughs but not in a joyful way, “Not the way you mean it.  I only see the heart of men.”

Which wasn’t exactly a no from her, it implied she was keyed into people’s subconscious which explained what she had done to me.

“I’m a little surprised you’re comfortable here.”

“Because of your God?”

“Something like that.”

“Faith and belief can be powerful things,” SHE nods, “but people don’t spend a lot of time here and when they do, they spend most of it wishing they were somewhere else.”

“Not sure I can argue with that.”

“Did you come here to argue?”

“I suppose so, we had a deal.”

“We did.”  SHE turns back to whatever had her attention, there’s a far off look to her eyes.

I come up next to her, she doesn’t turn to look at me.  SHE’s wearing some kind of floral dress.   SHE isn’t pregnant anymore which I find alarming on several levels.  The moonlight, cut up by the stained glass for jagged patterns over her body.

“Why did you attack me then?”

“I offered you what you wanted and you see that as an attack?”

“It wasn’t real.”

“And this is?”  SHE answers, getting me really paranoid until I see the wisp of a cruel smile on her lips.

“Please don’t screw with me.”

Her head tilts slightly and I get the sense that she is suddenly paying close attention to our interaction, “what do I get in return?”

I’m reminded how deep the waters I am swimming in, and how far away the shore is.  When dealing with the devil or otherworldly creatures one should choose his words carefully.  “A poor choice of words on my part.”

“Ah.” she relaxed slightly.

“Still, why did you attack, you said you kept your word?”

“I did.  Ms. Teri did not,” there was menace in her voice now.

“I didn’t have anything to do with that.”

“You brokered the deal, you vouched for humanity so you did have something to do with it.  The price will ultimately be paid by you.”  SHE said it straight, not a threat, no menace in her words, like SHE was observing something as simple as the weather, or a bus being late or a taxi driver being rude. . . or what’s for dinner.

“Then punish me and let the others go.”  I sound more confident than I feel.

“The attempt at a noble gesture, funny how predictable your type can be, but you offer nothing and I give nothing in return.  You don’t have any allies, the ones that came with you are under my sway, and you can’t threaten my child.  I could kill you outright and you can’t do anything to stop me.”

I felt something sink when SHE said that.  “Yet you haven’t, so what do you want from me?”

“You’re an interesting man, Uno, few break free of my enchantments, yet you did.”

“Again, what do you want?”

“Why everything, of course.”  She turns to look at me then and smiles, a genuine smile.

“I think that’s going to be a hard no.”  I say tensing up getting ready for her to attack.

“Are you sure?”  And it was no longer SHE that was standing in front of me, but Serafina, “I can be the dutiful wife, attentive, protective, comforting, loving and faithful and we will have many beautiful children.  With my guidance and counsel you will become the most powerful man in the world.  Princes will kneel to you, kings will bow.  Women will envy me, and men will wish they were you.”  SHE reaches out a hand to touch me arm, just a gentle caress.

“You already offered me that.” I answered flatly and step away.

“That was a dream of your making, this will be here in the real world, flesh and blood.  We will fashion this destiny together.  There will be struggle and conflict, not ease, but your home will always be a safe harbor.  I will be your lover and protector.  I can be any woman you want if this is not to your liking,” SHE flickered through several incarnations as she talked from the athletic tomboy, the dark seductress, the pixyish blond to the exotic and then back to Serafina.  “Our children will grow up strong of body and mind.”

It made me wonder why she had chosen appear as such a nondescript woman. “Not sure I want to be responsible for unleashing your children upon the world.”

Serafina laughed then, “where do you think you came from?”

“I’m pretty sure my parents weren’t old gods.”

“No, but descendants of them from way back.  Think of all your myths and legends, where did the heroes come from?  Who were their parents?”

“I’m pretty sure Hercules was the son of Zeus, but that’s about as far as my background in this stuff goes.  You’re saying that beings like you were the parents of ancient heroes.”

Serafina nods, “mating with humans.  A little bit of us is carried in each one of you, sometimes more and it exhibits itself as a person with extraordinary gifts.   I like to think you get your looks and intelligence from us.  Our children would be heroes.”

And villains I thought, “And if I say no?”

“Then I kill you and everyone in the town.”









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