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Uno and Fog: Preparations

June 15, 2019

“You’re expecting me.”

“My daughter said you would come.”  New Age Mage answered.

Ms. Teri.”  The Fog answered.

“Correct.  I’m starting to understand why she was impressed with both of you.  Especially since you were able to free yourself from the enchantment without assistance.”

The Fog sized up the man,  “you and your daughter are fairly different in the way you present yourselves.”

“She’s more old fashioned, took her name from her grandfather, he wouldn’t wear anything less than a double breasted suit, or tuxedo,”  the old man looked apologetic, “we all rebel against our fathers I suppose.”

“I had always wondered if magic ran in family lines.”

“It does.  It can spring up some times in odd places, but if you look at the family lines there is usually a sorcerer on either side of the family tree that has found its way to express itself again.  I spent quite a bit of my middle years looking into it, but now is not the time for these discussions.  Take this,”  He handed over the peace sign that hung from beaded strands around his neck.

“It doesn’t exactly go with the outfit.”

“Maybe not, but it make you difficult to find from scrying or divination.  My daughter gave something similar to Uno a while ago.  It will keep her from finding you and attacking directly.”

Speaking of, where’s your partner?”

“With Luminary and the Cadre.  They’re on their way,”

New Age Mage frowned, “Luminary and two of his companions are here and under her thrall.  Uno is not with them.”

“He’s here somewhere and if I have to, I will find him. can you do anything to free them?”

“I can’t.  I’ve tried, they have to free themselves.  My daughter is under a blood geas, so will be no help either.”

The Fog took the necklace and put it around his neck, “Where is Teri?”

The aging hippie hestitated for a moment, “she’s taking care of her sister.”


“Then you know,” the man crumpled slightly.


“I was young and foolish then.  Being with child actually weakened her enough that we were able to send her back to whence she came, but it still wasn’t without cost.”

“The battle where Transcendence died.  Are you telling me SHE’s been pregnant for decades?”

“The place SHE is from, normal biologicial processes don’t occur the way they do here.  Things are static. I don’t know if you can actually kill her, but I suspect if its possible it would have to be here and not there.”

“And SHE’s stronger now that SHE’s no longer pregnant?”

“Indeed and growing with each person that falls under her spell SHE grows stronger, SHe sustains them and they feed her with their love.”

“So the longer this goes, the stronger SHE becomes.  What about the child?”

“The child is still but a child.”

“You know she’s a threat to humanity.”  The Fog stated flatly.

“I know what you are implying, but I can’t do that.  I can help you defeat her mother, but you must promise me not to harm the child.”

He thought about it for a few moments, “I can’t promise that, but I can promise that I won’t harm her unless the child becomes an active threat to humanity by her own actions.”

“Fair enough.”

“I would hope so, because in that event it might be too late.  So what do we do?”

“I need you to attack her, make her angry, hurt her if possible and bring her here, to this building.  I will make preparations to send her back, but you must promise me two things.”


“That you do everything you can to get her here, no matter what the cost and second that you don’t interfere with what I’m doing when you get here.”

“I’m not going to like it.”

“No you are not, but the less you know the better.  The alternative would be worse. ”


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