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Uno and Fog: Things Get Worse

June 17, 2019

I ran out of the church as fast as I could, zigging and zagging as best I could to avoid any attacks for the old god.  The back of the church was crumbling in a series of small explosions.

Once I was out of the church, the white phosphorus devices went off, causing the entire church to erupt into flames and the heat was off the charts.  I would like to say I out ran the explosion as I raced outside like some kind of action movie.  Clouds of fire, smoke and debris sailing around me, tendrils of fire reaching out for me but I was just too fast for it.

That is not what happened.  My top speed is around 60 meters a second sprinting, most explosions go about 400 meters a second, some upwards of 800 meters per second.  The Comet or Sharp Cheddar could probably do it I’m not them.

The Fog had set off a distraction before hitting the main detonator, making sure I was clear.  The church was a fountain of white hot flame and smoke and I turned to see if the attack had worked.  After a moment out of the conflagration  stepped a woman lit up like a torch and screaming in fury at us.

I wasn’t sure what a raging old god would do, and I didn’t want to find out.

“Head for the commune.”  The Fog’s voice said in my ear.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFY ME!” Her voice thundered.  At that moment I saw something hurtling toward me from above.

It wasn’t something, it was someone, it was Powerstriker his fists crackling with electrical discharge.  He was heading right for me and he didn’t look friendly at all.  Whatever SHE had been doing, whatever temptation SHE had offered had made him switch sides.

Leapers are kind of cool to watch, but they can’t change direction once they’re in the air and I made sure to be out of the way when he landed.  He hit the ground hard enough I felt the ground move and cracks for in the pavement.

If he was coming after me, I had to wonder about The Comet and Luminary.  South I made out a blur coming at me and I knew it was The Comet.  He was coming for me, I pulled as much power as I could into myself, sprinted as fast as I could toward Powerstriker.  

It must have been laughably slow to the speedster.  Powerstriker saw me coming, the electricity was practically arching between his hands.  Which was exactly what I wanted. He swung one massive fist as me just as the wave of cold from The Comet was hitting me.  I rolled as best I could from the punch, reached out for the electrical discharge and directed it at his comrade just as he reached me.

The two of them had planned on clipping me, one hitting me from above and in front while the other barreled into me from behind and below.  I had seen them do that in fights before and if it had worked would probably have injured me severely.

The Fog and I always discussed ways to fight other endowed individuals, we had talked strategies and tactics, but it was one thing to consider what to do, and quite another to put a plan in action.  I reached out and grabbed all that power flowing off of Powerstriker‘s fists and threw it into The Comet along with everything I had.

The Comet is fast, lightning is faster, especially in the cold.  The electricity hit him sending his body into convulsions and knocking him out.  I’m not proud of it but, I kicked him as hard as I could in the head to make sure he didn’t get back up, which was enough time for Powerstriker to get to me and hit me, sending me sailing.  He had learned quickly and there wasn’t any electricity flowing around his hands anymore, but he was still massively strong.  He could throw a car with very little effort, and I’m not talking little economy size either.

He rang my bell.  Hard.  I was stunned for a second and I fuzzily saw him barreling toward me.  I admit it, I took a burst of speed and ran from him, trying to clear my head.

I could see and hear her still laughing maniacally, the white phosphorus attached to her still burning with an incandescent brightness, white smoke filling the whole area making it hazy and had to see everything, but pieces of clothing, or maybe something else dripped off her and kept burning on the ground.

That’s when I saw Luminary and for a brief moment as he was hurtling through the sky, shining like a small sun sailing overhead, I thought he was attacking her. I admit it, I felt a surge of hope.  We were going to make it.  Luminary was the best of us, the strongest, the surest.

Then I saw his trajectory.  He was headed right for The Fog.  Twin beams of yellow light erupted from his heads melting a spot in the ground where my partner had been just been standing before dodging out of the way.

Luminary was under her sway.

We’re so screwed.


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