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Uno and Fog: Outclassed

June 18, 2019

“Shouldn’t you guys have glowing eyes, or something?” I say, rolling out of the way of Powerstriker’s haymaker which would have flattened me.

“She promised me.”  He says in reply, but doesn’t clarify what exactly he was promised.  What does one of the most famous bruisers in the world want that he can’t get now?  True love?  A puppy and a pony?  A unicorn?

I try to pull power from him, but while he may not have control over electricity the way I do, it is part of his powerset and he’s able to generate enough to fend off any attempt by me to put him to sleep, a direct attack didn’t do with electricity wasn’t going to do anything either.

The first time I tried to zap him, just seemed to make him stronger.  I was faster than him, so I ducked under his next punch and hit him several times in succession in the side before running out of range.  I tried that a couple of times with about as much success as an annoying mosquito.

When I attempted to close with him a third time, he was waiting for me and instead of punching, he swatted me and while I was able to avoid most of the hit, he still connected enough to send me spinning off into the pavement.

He was on me almost immediately, and if it wasn’t for my enhanced reflexes and speed, that would have been the end of it.  As it was, I barely was able to scramble out of the way.

The Fog was having about the same amount of luck.  He had three cryo grenades filled with liquids that would create a freezing liquid when mixed together when the grenade broke.  On a normal person, although the human body can survive colder temperature than people think, the liquid does causing the equivalent of burns.

On Luminary, the splashing liquid froze and then sort of shattered off of his force field.  I don’t know if it stung at all, but it irritated him.  The Fog was dodging and attacking like I was trying, with ever gimmick he could.  His taser did nothing, the flash grenades blinded Luminary for only a few short seconds and when he tried to follow up with a physical attack, it was like hitting a wall.

I saw The Fog make a flying side thrust kick and literally bounce off the guy spinning in the air and Luminary didn’t even budge.

Bruised and scraped up, there was no way we were going to win this, and I made the decision right then to retreat.  I pulled in power from every source near me, and careened over toward my partner, dodging Powerstriker as he tried to catch me.  Luminary saw me coming.  He must have thought I was going to try and clothesline him or maybe even make suicidal move of running into him as fast as I could.  Because he braced to catch me.

I didn’t want to break my arm, and I shudder to think what kind of internal damage I would do trying a move through on someone so impervious.  Instead of slamming into him, I grabbed The Fog, put my hand firmly around his neck to brace it so I didn’t accidently snap it moving suddenly (several speedsters, including The Comet have accidently killed a bystander or loved one by snapping their neck accidently – total angst fest.  There’s a district attorney out there that considered charging a speedster with negligent homicide because of one such incident) and moved as fast as I could away from the two of them.

“I had him.”  The Fog stated as I started carrying him down the street.  Again I wasn’t sure if he was joking, over confident and really believed he was winning that one way fight, or if he had discovered some weakness in the other man’s armor, or more specifically forcefield.  Regardless, I didn’t know what to say other than, “I didn’t have mine.”

Which was the truth, the only way I was going to beat Powerstriker was to wear him out.  Maybe.  Assuming he didn’t get a direct hit on me, and he had already come close twice.  I didn’t feel lucky.

I started high tailing it toward the commune, when people started pouring out of the buildings all around us.  Hundreds of them.  Thousands of them, in all directions started coming out and started merging into a giant mob.

They all looked like crack addicts that had suddenly crashed and the two of us were all that stood between them and what they were jonesing for.

An addict will do just about anything for a fix.  They wouldn’t hesitate at killing the two of us.





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