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Uno and Fog: Playing the Villain

June 19, 2019

“Put them to sleep.”  The Fog suggested.

I was trying to find a way through the crowd, but it was completely hopeless, “there’s no way I can do that with the two of them coming at us.”

“Then we’re dead, put me down, if I’m going to die its going to be fighting.”

I set him down, “not necessarily, but I’m going to have to play the villain.”  I reach out and stop the heart of the nearest person, I drop several more of them in succession.  They crumple to the ground.

“I will kill them all, if you don’t stop right now!” I shout out.

“I’m not sure if SHE cares.”  The Fog states.

“I’m not doing it for her.” Powerstriker is bounding toward me, his face twisted in fury.  I’m going to be a smear in the pavement in a few moments if he gets his hands on me, but he isn’t the audience I’m playing for.

Luminary’s face is a mixture of emotions which is what I wanted to see.  They weren’t so much mind controlled as manipulated into wanting what SHE offered.  I can almost see the thought processes going through his head and I’m gambling that he’s actually the very hero he says he is.  That he wouldn’t let harm come to an innocent, no matter what the personal cost.

I see him change trajectories and slam into Powerstriker, wrapping his arms around the man and holding him back.  “Stand down.”  Powerstriker struggles to get free, but fails.

As the mob gets closer, they don’t appear to be concerned about their fallen comrade, which I find disheartening.  I start putting them to sleep as fast as I can but the risk of the getting trampled is growing exponentially.

“You know there’s no going back from what you’ve done, you’ve crossed a line.”  Luminary looks at me coldly.

“Spare me, just a moment ago you were willing to do whatever it took to get what SHE was offering you, including dropping the two of us.  I did what I had to do to get you back to your senses.”  He didn’t particularly like me calling him a hypocrite and I got the distinct impression I had made an enemy for life, which honestly I thought The Fog was going to do.

Somehow I ended up there.  I would deal with that problem when it comes, “Now I want you to keep your buddy there off of us, we’re getting out of here.”

The two of started to back up, The Fog turned to face the other side of the mob, but I kept my eye on Luminary and Powerstriker.  The bruiser looked like he wanted to murder me right then and there.  I reach out to the guy whose heart I stopped and try and jump start it.

The Fog comments over his shoulder, “you’re really taking a turn to the dark.”

“I jump started their hearts back up,” I protested.

“I doubt big shiny is going to agree with you.”

“He didn’t give me any choice.”

“I’m not accusing you, just noting.”

Nothing happens.  I hit it again and start to feel a little panic, I might have actually killed the guy when it finally starts up, I do the rest of them as quickly as I can.  I have to still worry about them getting trampled by the mob though, but there isn’t much I can do about that.

I pull power around me and discharge it into a static field around us, trying to keep the crowd back with pricks of pain.  The two of us make out way toward the commune.   The crowd reaching out for us, each step of the way, the pain making them jerk back as another group of them surge forward.

It was not nearly fast enough and the entire process was extremely draining keeping the mob at bay.  I kept my focus mainly upon Luminary, but he didn’t move at all.

We were nearing the end of the small town, most of the mob was between us and the other two supers, when I saw the mob begin to part as something moved through them toward us rapidly.

At first I thought that it was the speedster, but after a moment I realized it wasn’t.  It was her.

The fire was no longer burning on her and she was looking right at me with dark eyes and a hungry, malicious grin on her face.


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