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Uno and Fog: Leaving

June 27, 2019

The Fog and I didn’t stick around after the New Age Mage and SHE fell threw the gate and it closed behind them, leaving one missing retired hero (at least in most people’s eyes) and six bodies drained of their blood.  Since neither of us have the imprimatur of the government and we’re the only witnesses to what happened it seemed prudent to hightail it out of there.

It seems unlikely that people would believe a beloved crazy uncle of a hero had summoned an old god, impregnated it, trapped it in its realm (and I don’t want to think what had to be done to that the first time around considering what had been done to bring it over recently and send it back) and then murdered six people in order to send it back with a final act of self sacrifice.

I wasn’t sure if the fact that he was trapped over there with a being that would torment him for eternity and he won’t expire nor will his wounds heal was some kind of justice.

Besides, nothing is ever tidy and I’m not sticking around for the clean up.  The townsfolk that attacked us were unlikely to just settle down after SHE was gone.  They wanted what SHE had been offering and not getting it back was likely to lead to more violence, not less.  Things rarely go right back to normal after something like this despite what you might read.

The two of us head toward where he had stashed his bike, avoiding the national guard emplacements, my partner having scouted them out previously.  We didn’t talk much until we saw several black stealth helicopters heading toward the area and I could see The Fog stiffen.

“Could be some government agency or military branch special ops.”

He shakes his head, “they’ll certainly say that, and they may very well be placed in said branches but they’re more than that.”

I don’t argue with him, how could he really know any of that, it was pure wild speculation on his part, “to what end?”

“The child.”

“Isn’t she with Ms. Teri?”

“The baby was, I don’t know about now, and if her father is to be believed, she isn’t in a position to really defend herself.”

“Should we go back?”  I didn’t really like the prospect at all.  I was exhausted, bruised, and beaten.

He considers it, “No, I don’t think so.  Too much risk to both of us and very little possibility of success.  The child does represent a serious threat though.”

“Maybe not, SHE said that the heroes of lore were the product of gods and men mixing, that people endowed with abilities were the descendants of these unions.”

He nods, “It explains a lot, but that doesn’t make her less of a threat.  The children of gods, the old heroes upended civilizations, changed the world. Anyone with extraordinary gifts poses a threat.”

“Do you see me as a threat?”  I ask out of curiosity.

He seems slightly puzzled by the question, “of course.”

Which isn’t quite the answer I was expecting, but when I think about it is at least consistent.  The man doesn’t trust anyone.

The two of us made it to his cycle and this time he carried me.  We didn’t talk the rest of the way.  I’m happy to have him carry me this time to the nearest train station.  I watch him drive off into the darkness before turning to the kiosk and buying a ticket back to New Amsterdam.

I spend the train ride back to the city looking out the window into the night sky wondering what repercussions there would be for all of this.

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