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Uno and Fog: Debrief

June 28, 2019

I’m standing in the open area of my penthouse looking out over Greensward park.  If I was a smoker, this would be the perfect time to do it.  The lighting from the pool is casting rippled shadows around me.  I know what you’re thinking, for a guy that doesn’t care for water, why have an outdoor pool.  The answer has to do with image mostly, rich people are expected to have them, and also misdirection.  Would you expect someone to keep one of their weaknesses close to them?

Not that it is very hard to figure out that water might not be my ideal environment, but why advertise it?

Its been a couple weeks since our encounter with the old god up north.  The ensuing riot and suicides in the little town occurred, according to the news, as the result of a temporary and local breakdown in the electronic benefits system.  The newscaster’s reassured us that rural areas upstate are so dependent upon government largess that any disruption of services causes the people there to either enter a rage spiral or get so filled with despair they end themselves.

Same story on every network with just the hint of a sneer and condensation when they said that the national guard had to be called in to control the situation.  No mention of the two of us, to which I am grateful, and no mention of any of Cadre.

It pissed me off, but strangely The Fog didn’t seem surprised or upset by it.  I suppose when you see conspiracies every where having something like this confirming your suspicions is strangely satisfying.

As I stood there contemplating my thoughts, I saw a familiar twinkle in the night sky, a yellow star slowly growing bigger.  I’d wondered if he was going to come visit and apparently he was.

I let The Fog know so he could discretely disappear from the area, while still listening in electronically.  If he wanted a fight, I didn’t intend to engage and if he was taking me in, well, I would rely on my partner to get me out.

Assuming they didn’t immediately drop me into a deep dark hole somewhere, of course.

Which was the current theory I favored regarding what had happened to my mother and The Fog agreed, placing it slightly above her being dead out right, then lost in a another dimension/parallel world/different timeline/the past/far future, followed by marooned on another planet and encased in carbonite (that last one might be a joke by him but still), the least likely is that she got tired of it all and is living inconspicuously somewhere on a tropical island.

Where ever my mother is, she can stay there.

I suppose Luminary could be coming to kill me, which is probably my partner’s paranoia bleeding into me, but I didn’t think so, besides there are cameras filming him.

Maybe I should mention them when he arrives?

The big blond prince of the city lands nearby, his feet gently touching the floor, he is still glowing like a furnace.

I watch him out of the corner of my eye, “Luminary, you keep coming in hot like that and people are going to start talking.”

His golden aura dims somewhat, “would you prefer I walk up and take the elevator?”

“You’re implying that you can’t turn it off.”

He hesitates before answering which tells me two things: he doesn’t trust me, and he sees me as at least a potential threat which is flattering, “I can’t.”

Now he could be lying, but there’s just the hint of sadness in his answer that tells me he isn’t, that or he’s a better liar than I think.  That small admission makes me like the guy a little, if I was The Fog he would think that small admission was a way to gain trust and manipulate me, but then I’m not so cynical.

It makes me wonder though if that could be used as a weakness somehow, if he’s always generating that field, could he become overloaded?

“What did you come here for?”

“Just to talk.”


“What happened to her?”

“She’s gone.”

“And you two had a hand in it, and New Age Mage and Ms. Teri are both missing along with that thing and her child, leaving behind a room full of blood and bodies with you two running for the hills.”  I try to cover my surprise, Ms. Teri and the child are missing.  I wonder if he would have revealed that if he thought I didn’t already know.

“We were just the two guys that happened to be there.”

“There are,” he pauses looking for the right words, “certain elements that want you arrested, others at least detained and fully debriefed, you two have made some enemies as well.”

Comet and Powerstriker.”

Luminary shifts uncomfortably, but doesn’t answer. He doesn’t need too.  The starting lineup doesn’t like getting beaten by the bush leagues

“And where do you fall in all of that?”

“I convinced them that a more informal debrief was appropriate.”

I stop myself from saying something sarcastic.  One of the annoying things about him is that he appears to be a genuinely nice guy.  Note that I didn’t say good.  The two are not synonymous as much as people want to conflate them.

I’ve met some genuinely nice mob bosses and hitmen too.  Very courteous and polite, even open the door for you right before they put a bullet in the back of your head.

“Alright, but just me, not my partner.”

He turns to me, “agreeable.”

So I fill him in on everything that I did, I left out what SHE tempted me with and some of the things I learned for her, and he didn’t ask.  Not for the first time I wondered what SHE had offered him.  I told him what we knew about the relationship between the old god and New Age Mage.  He doesn’t seem surprised.

He didn’t ask any questions while I talked, merely listened and nodded which oddly reminded me of The Fog.

When I was finished he said, “You don’t know where Teri or the child is?”


I can see he doesn’t completely believe me,  “I find it remarkable that the two of you were able to resist her temptations, and the two of you have a reckless disregard for human life but I will tell them to leave you both alone.”

There is a distinct “for now” at the end of that sentence, but I don’t say anything.

“If Teri contacts you, please let me know.”


“And keep a low profile.”  He says as a warning, before shooting off into the sky.  I watch him as he slowly disappears into the night sky.

I prefer the low profile.




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