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Uno and Fog: Island Raid

June 30, 2019

The currents of the dark water carried us to the island, just as The Fog had predicted. To say the trip was harrowing for me, would be an understatement, but I said nothing. The old lighthouse on the west side of the island rose before us through the dark, foliage less forest of plum, well I wouldn’t call them tress, more like bushes that lined the rocky shore.

Despite supposedly no longer being in use, light shined from the windows of the two story stone structure with the light tower on top. Grass surrounded it and I could sense the presence of two guards near the entrance getting sleepy, but still awake.


“Several drones.” I watch their pattern in the air for several moments, while The Fog pulled out two backpacks and let the air out of the raft and sunk it along with a couple sealed weighted bags that had items we could use as last resort to escape. “And guards, foot patrols with dogs around the perimeter and vehicle patrols along roads.”

He hands me a bottle and a backpack.  I set them down and strip off the clothes I had been wearing.  Once I as naked, I rubbed the petroleum jelly over my entire body make an oily layer.  Earlier, before we headed out we had both showered and tried to remove as much dead skin as possible.  Once that was done, I put on the new clothes that had never been worn, and rubbed mustard powder into my boots.

Anything to minimize out scent and keep skin flakes from dropping off and avoid detection at all.  There were only two real ways off the island and that was the ferry or swimming across the channel behind us.  Which while only about a mile wide, had some swift currents going in the direction of the ocean which is not a very good direction for survival purposes.

I could put the dogs to sleep if I had to, maybe even confuse them, but I didn’t want them to realize we were here at all.

He nods satisfied, “This is going to fun.”

I question his idea of fun, but frankly I’m curious what the government is running here and what’s the worse the could happen?  Shot as a trespasser, arrest, imprisonment?  Not for the first time, I wish I could fly.

I nudge the drones just a little bit.  Knocking them out, or knocking any cameras out would set off alarms, this just made a very narrow corridor for us to travel.

There are, in addition to the lighthouse, and the harbor area where the ferry docks, three main building complexes on the island.  The largest being to the northeast.

We had ultimately decided to head to the main corridor, the buildings north of us  appeared to be barracks and training area of some kind, the buildings to the east looked like permanent staff housing along with quarters for anyone spending the night.

So we crossed carefully.  I didn’t particularly like the fact that we avoided the roads, even though it was necessary.  If our trail was picked up, they would know where we were headed immediately.

There were several bodies of water between us and out goal, which we had to skirt around.  Its commonly believed that you can lose trackers by entering and exiting bodies of water, but it isn’t that simple and the water dripping off you can make easier for the dog to pick your trail up again.

So we made out way slowly toward the complex.  Stopping when the vehicle patrols came close.

Once we got close enough, I we scoped out the building.  There were fixed cameras at the front entrance and as we skirted around, found that the side entrances had cameras covering them too.

“There’s no way we’re going through the doors without being seen, and knocking the cameras out isn’t going to work at a place like this.”

We made out way toward the west side of the building.  There were windows on the upper floors of the research center, I did note a path through the cameras but it wasn’t going to be easy.

Once we were there, I reached out and found the familiar electrical currents, “there’s pressure sensors on all the windows.”

“Can you shut it off on one of the windows?”

“Yes,”  I cut of the circuit on the nearest window and point to it, “The Fog nods and pulls out a grappling gun, shooting a line up to the roof.  It sounds impossibly loud, but no alarms go off.  When he gets to the window he pulls out a glass cutter and cuts out the window pushing it in gently when holding it up with an adhesive tool.

Once he was in the room, he pulls me up after him.  I reset the pressure alarm and then we surveille the room.  Its a lab of some kind, narrow tables, glass fridge with samples, computer nearby, microscopes, the whole shebang.

I look at the computer but The Fog shakes his head, “there should be a records department somewhere. Anyone up here?”

“I don’t sense anyone.”

He nods and we slip into the hallway, there are numbered doors along each side of the hall, the hall itself makes a circuit around the floor, with labs and offices on both sides, on the north side of the floor plan is the elevator.


The Fog looks at me curiously.

“I can follow the power for the elevator, it goes down a long ways.  You know how hard it is to build below the water level?”

“How far down?”

“Far,” I follow the power lines down, “there are several underground levels and . . . if I’m not mistaken a nuclear power plant of some kind.  Environmentalist would have a cow if they knew about that.”

“The ones that don’t work for them, maybe.” The Fog believes that environmentalists promote programs of population control as well as make a docile and compliant population.  I made the mistake of asking him about soy once, he believes that stuff is intentionally in all the food to make people weak and submissive.

“Lets find the stairs.”  I suggest.

The stairwell has a security pad on it.  I stare at it for a moment.

“Something wrong?”

“Yes and no.  I can circumvent it, I’m familiar with the circuitry.”

“Then what’s the problem.”

“Norte Corporation produces and uses these systems for their security.  I could just be a government contract . . .”




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