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Uno and Fog: Fury and Scorned

July 12, 2019

The angry man looks toward the the ceiling, first in the direction fo the elevator and the explosion and then looks upward as if scanning the surface and then a look of complete fury cross his face as he gaze settles somewhere up and to the left of us.  I swear he can see through the structure to the surface above us.

He crouches as if preparing to make a jump and then launches upward crack through the ceiling. rumble falls from the hole he has created.  I could hear the man hit each of the floors above as he careens upward to confront the soldiers on the island.

I wonder briefly how someone figures out that they can bodily fly through cement, steel and other materials without injury, and how one discovers that there is something you can’t fly through.

I zip forward grabbing another of the freed captives that is stumbling around right where the debris were falling.

I shouldn’t have bothered.

As soon as I touch her, the woman erupts into dark flames over her entire body, I swear I can see the souls of the damned writhing in pain within the flames.  I let go immediately and fall back crying out.  The heat had burned my clothing, the gloves on my hands were falling apart and dark red welts with blisters cover me.

She looks at me with a look of scorn before melting the ceiling and flying upward.  I wondered what the two of us had just let loose upon the world.

I look at The Fog, “you knew.”

“I suspected, which was confirmed when we came down here.  If you look at each of the cells, they were specifically designed for each of the subjects that were held in them.  The lobotomies were to keep them compliant in case they were able to escape their cells nonetheless.  I was half expecting to find your mother here.”

“I told you to leave that alone.”

He shrugs noncommitally.  Some of the people are glowing stranegly, some are shimmering, others were erupting in to flames, or ice or who knows what else.

“Are they good or bad?”

“That’s some pretty black and white thinking.”

“You know what I mean.” I growl at him.  As much as what was going on down here was horrific, I’m not sure what we’ve done isn’t going to turn out worse.

“Do you recognize any of them?”

I shake my head.

“Neither do I, so I think we will just have to find out along with everyone else.”  Which I suppose is the answer, they will have the same opportunity as any one else to make good or bad choices.  Though after what they had experienced here, I suspected many were going to choose revenge and other acts that were going to be problematic.  I hoped that none of them ended up murdering the innocent.  I had a distinct feeling that I wasn’t going to get that particular wish granted.

I’m not sure what I would do if I was in their position.

The pale lady returns, “I’ve healed them all.  Can we leave this place now?”

“Yes, I think its time.”

“Should we help the others out?” I ask reluctantly.

“I don’t think that would be prudent, we have done all we can.”  The Fog replies.  He pulls out a grappling gun and fires it through the hole.  “Jump on,” he says to the two of us, “although this would be easier if you could fly.”

“Sorry,”  says the young lady with the needle like teeth before I could form a retort.

“Its fine.”  He answers.  We both reach around him and the zip line carries us up.  He has to stop, and refire each floor.  Above us I can sense a fight going on between the island security forces and the ones we’ve freed that have made it to the top.

When we reach the building above ground.  There was crumbled and burned walls all around us.  Bodies were strewn about the hall.  The captives that had gone before us and not wasted any time engaging in battle.  I could here gun fire, the sound of shreaking metal and screams outside.  The coppery smell of blood and the distinct odor of burnt flesh filled the air.  I was hard not to vomit.  I notice our new companion is licking her lips, but she doesn’t move.

I didn’t feel sorry for them.

I raise my hand to stop, “We need to wait, there are still people down below and I can’t help.”

He nodded.  The pale lady didn’t object, or ask questions but looked at me curiously.

So we wait.

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