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Uno and Fog: Get to the Chopper

July 13, 2019

“There’s our way out,”  The Fog pointed at the incoming helicopters, “kill the power on all but one of them.”

“You want me to crash the helicopters?”

“They won’t crash, the engine will go into manual mode, they’ll still have to make an emergency landing, probably won’t even kill all their instruments.  Let the last one approach and then you stop it, we take out the people in the helicopter and I fly us out of here.”

April is looking at me curiously and I get the distinct impression that she’s studying me and trying to figure out what I can do.  I wonder if I can put her to sleep like a normal person.

Regardless I reach out and kill the power to all the helicopters but one.  There are some systems on a separate power system.  I kill that too.  I can see the alarm in the nervous systems of the pilot’s.  I watch the fear flow outward to the men in the helicopter like ripples in a pond of water.

Its kind of pretty to watch.

The helicopters start breaking formation and lowering to the ground, making emergency landings.  I am impressed by their training, because despite their inability to communicate they all fan out as if they practiced dealing with this situation before.

One solitary helicopter continues towards us.  The Fog throws out several white phosphorus grenades that begin billowing out obscuring smoke.

“I’m sure they have thermal imaging.”  I point out.

“Its for when you cut the power,” he turns to the youthful appearing woman (I haven’t yet decided if she was in fact young or if immortality is on the table.  I heard that aging was more akin to disease and if that was true, then her healing might give her longevity and youth), “April, stay close.”

She nods.

I cut the power on the last helicopter.  Its far enough away from its peers that the only troops we will have to deal with are on the copter, as long as we’re quick.

As soon as the copter lands,  I can feel the wind of the blades and see the smoke getting swirled around by the force of it.

I start putting them to sleep, the first two start to drop when I pick up a flare of electricity at their chest level that jerks them awake.

“They’ve got something monitoring their vitals and if they fall asleep it shocks them awake.”

“Someone’s been studying your tricks,”  The Fog says, “time you learned some new ones.”



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