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Uno and Fog: My Father Suspects

July 23, 2019

Needless to say, the board meeting got rescheduled.

I watched Fury and Luminary continue their battle away from us and out over the the city, they’re forms disappear around a building.

I hear the pieces of glass crunch under my father’s Italian leather shoes as he comes up beside me and looks out in the same direction as me, “anything you want to tell me?” Despite being middle aged, he has kept pretty fit. No executive spread on him.

“No, why?”

He glances over at me for a moment and I can see he’s considering his words carefully, “that,” and he pauses, “man that came crashing through the window recognized you.”

Great.  Instead of oblique and circumspect father, I get direct today.  “I don’t know how, since I’ve never met him before.”

He pauses again and I can tell he’s making a decision, there’s a look he gets when he’s making a difficult decision.  Finally he nods and I think he’s done but then he says, “You’re mom told me a similar lie,” I feel my pulse quicken and I hope my face isn’t flushing, “right before she disappeared.”

Does he know?  What I have done, who I am?  Does he know who my mother was?  What she had done?

He looks at me for a long moment searching my face, perhaps expecting an answer and when I don’t respond he takes one more glance though the broken window to the city beyond, then turns and leaves me without looking back.

I debate calling out to him.  I consider even telling him everything.  Would he understand?  But I don’t.  I leave the two to their fight and return to my office and grab my things and head out the door.  It was time to get some sleep.



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