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Uno and Fog: Broken Glass

August 8, 2019

I tried to send current through her, I could feel the tightening of her muscles in reaction to my attack and saw the grimace of pain.  I swear her eyes went from a kind of slate grey to an almost phosphorescent green right at the moment I felt my body being jerked way from her by the thorny vines that were rapidly wrapping themselves around my legs.

If her eyes changed color every time she used her abilities it could be a useful tell, I thought as I was almost instantly separated by the surprising speed and strength of her attack.  It occurs to me that she might have had these abilities for some time, or she’s an incredibly fast learner.

Abilities can manifest at any time, its most common during adolescence, which is dangerous enough, but its worse if it a child, especially if their parents weren’t gifted in the same way or at the same level.   There were quite a number of academies for endowed children, many of them heavily funded by the government, which should make everyone nervous.

I have to wonder how many endowed children ended up on the island, somehow diverted from the schools, or never made it into them.  Perhaps orphaned.  I wonder if April falls into one of those categories.

I have more pressing problems then to consider the direction of people’s lives, specifically the direction I am being dragged.  I send current in the vines holding my legs, the sap within boils and bursts splitting them open.  I considering doing the same with the two victims, but any current I send will go into them as well.

Killing people, even accidentally, is a good way to draw attention from the law enforcement community that runs the gamut of hating us, to secretly envying out ability to act without supervision being outside the registry.  They’re supposed to arrest us if they come in contact with us, but like Luminary, as long as we stay low profile they leave us alone.

I prefer to keep it that way.

I strip off the vines around my legs.  People are still trying to clear the area, some are still staring in shock at the tableau before them.  I notice that April has disregarded my instructions and has crawled toward the two captives and started pulling the vines off the two targets of the woman’s rage.

I don’t really have time to deal with her, at least she isn’t directly confronting the woman, the way I am.  I accelerate and run at her, hoping to clothesline her.  I see the change in her eyes just in time to dodge the vines that are trying to snare me, but it makes me slam into her.

She flies back into the glass windows that overlook the park and crash through them.  I stumble to a stop and get one glance of her looking at me in fury as she tumbles downward.

If she survives the fall (which isn’t a big if in my world, she’ll survive) I’ve made an enemy for life.

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