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Uno and Fog: Through the Window

September 5, 2019

The Fog left the figurine and everything in place.  He wasn’t sure what impact disturbing it would have.  He did scan the entire thing digitally and then made his way out of the house.  He thought about searching for more information from her haunts at home, but decided against it.

He thought about seeking the doppelganger out at college but decided against it.  He needed answers before getting into a confrontation.  There wasn’t anything suggesting that April’s double was dangerous, but he hadn’t survived as long as he had by being impulsive or rash.

He needed an expert opinion.  He sent out a coded text and waited.

After an hour a message came through with a time and coordinates.  He looked at it a moment.  He would have to hurry to get there in time.  He took the burner phone, broke it and tossed it in the trash.

The return to New Amsterdam was without incident.  He thought about calling Uno but decided against it.  Calling him would almost certainly get April involved and he was reluctant to do that.

The Maxwell Motors building was done in a post modernist art deco style that was popular a hundred years ago and it is still considered one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in the city, if not the tallest.

The entry was bustling with people coming and going about their business.  No one paid him any attention.  He noted the security cameras and various points about the floor.  Every place had cameras these days.  you could track people fairly easily if you knew what you were doing.

He headed past the front desk and took the elevator up as high as it would take him.  He didn’t have a key for the highest floors. Stepping out on the floor that the elevator stopped at, he paused only for a second to get his bearings and then headed for the stairs.

When he got to the second to last floor he stopped, bypassed the security and the lock and stepped.  She wasn’t making it easy on him, but then that was probably the point.  She didn’t want to be bothered with something trivial.

If it wasn’t worth breaking into a place, it wasn’t worth asking for her help.

He paused and looked at the cold room that opened before him.  The floor was tile of some kind, the colors were muted and pale.  The light felt both modern and unnatural.

Someone had chosen to follow the exterior aesthetic inside.

In the center of the area was a large table, minimalist in nature as were the chairs.  He would have expected to see something comfortable, but the setting was bleak and sterile.  He wondered what sorts would meet in a place like this.

The windows though arched in every direction, felt like cathedral windows, with the city sprawling away in each cardinal direction.  The emptiness of the room seemed to be an extension of the great empty expanse of sky in all directions.

He made sure no one was there and then walked toward the north facing window.  He could see the expanse of green to the northwest of the giant park, to the northeast was the river and the city in lines as far as the eye could see to the direct north.

He placed a small blue stone that had a tine rune carved into it at each side of the window and put a prick of blood on each.  He didn’t trust magic.  He preferred science, engineering and technology.  His own abilities built up over years of practice and study.

He was pragmatic though.

If something was useful, he used it.  If it wasn’t, he discarded it.

He was that way about everything.

He waited.

As the time approached and the sun dropped to just below the horizon, when the world of the day was giving way to the world of the night, the window started to change, get blurry at first like looking through it during a rainstorm, the city melting into mist and shadows, the lights blending and refracting.

Then what he saw was a hillside at night and an old colonial home at the top.

Ms. Teri stepped into the room.



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