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Uno and Fog: Ka

September 7, 2019

“Shouldn’t you be wearing black?”  Ms. Teri was in Capri pants and a denim shirt.

“I had to hang up my cape,” she scowled, “because of you two.”

The Fog grunted.  “I need you to look at something.”

He pulled up his photos.  “Ever seen anything like it?”

She looked through them for a moment, “It looks like the anchor for a Ka,”

“What exactly is a Ka.”

“A spirit double.”

The Fog frowned, “Is that like an evil twin ghost?”

Teri‘s lips quirked, “Not a twin, not necessarily evil and not a ghost.  The spiritual manifestation of a person, their soul for lack of a better work.  It looks like a practitioner split her into her two parts, body and soul.  Flesh and Spirit.”

He didn’t entirely trust Teri, to be fair he didn’t trust anyone completely, not even Uno, “So there is someone that had their soul removed from their body, doesn’t that make them dangerous?  There’s a reason people call serial killers soulless.”

“Are animals evil or good?”

“You’re saying they don’t have souls?”

Ms. Teri shrugged, “Many traditions hold that they don’t.  There are many reasons people do these things.  In the past some practitioners would do this so that they could do something with the body and the soul would be unstained, at least that was the idea.”

“Did it work?”

“Doubtful, since you have to contemplate whatever it is you wanted to do while you had the soul intact before removing it.”

“Why else would someone do this?”

“To be at two places at once, or to make the body a vessel for a soul of another.  The body by itself still acts and thinks and behaves the same, but isn’t vulnerable to the sorts of spiritual attacks that a person with a soul is but the body is vulnerable to possession and nothing the body does will be remember by the soul during any time of separation, if the physical body is killed, everything that it did or does will be lost to it in the next life.

“In the same way the spirit double is immune to many of the physical threats, but when it is exposed like this it can be killed.  Permanently in ways that it wouldn’t be vulnerable to otherwise.”

“What if the two are separated for a long time?”

“You realize that all of this is theoretical on my part?  I never particularly liked astral projection or planar roaming, people get lost like that and can’t return to their bodies and I have never attempted anything like this.  In practice this is different from those things in that there is a complete separation of the soul and the body.  In a normal person the two reside in the same place, share the same consciousness, share the same experiences.  The body and the soul might have different interests or goals but in general they are in harmony about most things.

“Everything a person does is recorded in the soul.  When someone astral projects, the soul and body are still connected, and consciousness is residing in either the body or the soul.  With this though, the body and soul are completely separated.  The longer they’re separated, the more their experiences diverge, they become like different people with different goals and drives.  There are stories about someone actually going to war with himself because of this.”

“Can it be undone?”

“It can, but the two halves might fight it.”

“How do I do it.”

Teri sighed, “if you can get the two halves, call me and I will attempt to do so.”




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