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Captain of the Guard: Balance

September 21, 2019

Emile was delighted, “A follower of the middle path seeking balance. Finally, an enlightened person to speak with! You don’t know how long it has been since I have been able to discuss philosophy with an individual with a more appropriate ideological bent. It really saddens me to say that too few people devote themselves to an ideal. Bravo young man!”

“I take it back, wizard. This was a cruel jest you played upon me.” Pookie snarled.

“Pish-posh, Pookie, perhaps you’ll learn something from our discussion. Quite frankly, you need a different world view.”

“Marious, move your head out of the way, I’m going to finally tear Emile’s throat out.”

Marious sighed, “We need sleep, it has been a long day.

“You two can sleep, although it would do Pookie good-” Emile hurried on when Pookie snarled, “-to listen but I’m too excited to sleep.”

“Like I can sleep with you yammering.” Pookie growled. “I swear wizard, I don’t care what powers you wield, I will kill you some day.”

Emile ignored Pookie, and Al as he left and focused his attention on Raven. “Tell me, young man, about the way of balance, it is my understanding that a person should be careful not to change the natural order of things, even in the slightest way.”

“The only way to do that is to be dead.” Pookie snarled and tried to cover his ears with a paw.

“Oh, don’t listen to him, he’s got issues.”

“Issues?” Raven was warming up to Emile. It was gratifying having an appreciative audience (they were rare) and there was the peculiar draw of something that he was afraid of (It was that kind of draw that drew men and women to the wrong sorts).

“Oh, certainly. He was the first born, they always have issues, especially with their mother.”

Pookie let out a howl of despair.

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