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Captain of the Guard: Fletching

September 28, 2019

Cedric looked at the arrows. He slid off his horse and approached Ro, passing Vul by. Taking his blade out, he carefully cut the golden disk free of the straps and then reached out and pulled it off the man’s chest.

He had to pry it off, crusted blood and other bodily fluids had cemented it to Ro’s skin. Cedric wrapped it in a piece of cloth.

One of the arrows that had missed Ro was embedded in the bridge. With a little effort he pulled it out of the wood planking. He walked back to the others.

He looked over at his men. “Start digging a hole and gather rocks for a cairn so we can take care of the remains.

“Don’t the Northerners usually have their remains tied into the trees?” One of the men asked.

“You have my permission to carry his body up there.”

The men started gathering rocks.

Cedric handed Whisper Ro’s medallion. “Take Reg’s horse and give it to one of our outriders so he can switch horses without stopping. Give him the medallion and tell him to get back to the castle and tell the king and his daughter that Ro is dead.”

“Just one? If something should happen to him . . .”

Cedric counted the arrows for a moment, “Yes. Just one. The rest of us are going to find the one’s responsible.  Don’t mention the arrows.”

Whisper smiled crookedly, “Understood.” He turned away and road off.

Vul frowned, “The arrows?”

Cedric lifted up the arrow he had and rubbed his thumb along the fletching. “All the feathers on the arrows are red and gold.”


“It’s the color of Ryllos to the south.”

“But if they’re the one’s responsible, why not tell the king?”

Cedric looked at the direction the hound had run off to, remembering what Pookie had said: Men of death and money. “Because they might not be the ones responsible.”

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