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Captain of the Guard: Of Destiny and Destinations

October 1, 2019

The men headed to their horses. Alstone stood alone over the cairn. After a moment, he picked up a little bit of dirt and tossed it over the cairn. He stood up and saw Cedric watching him and smiled sadly. “It is funny the old rituals that remain with us. Comfort us.”

Cedric shrugged, “They wouldn’t stay with us if they weren’t important.

“The fool would still be alive if he had taken me with him.”

“Or we’d be burying you too.”

Alstone looked at Cedric and something flickered there, “If he had lived, you wouldn’t be able to prevent the war.”

“Your inscrutable foresight again?”

Alstone smoothed out his robes, “Captain, you made sure the color of the arrows didn’t get reported back to the king. You know, or at least suspect, that Ro’s murder was made to look like Ryllos was responsible. A small country, renowned for its ports, artists, navy and merchants. It is no match on the land for your kingdom.”

Cedric nodded. “They could still be responsible.”

“Could.” Al agreed amiably, “But could isn’t enough for you. You want to know who is really responsible.”

“The princess would want to know.”

“Maybe, but that is not why you are doing it.”

Cedric looked at the peasant mage for a moment, “Yes it is. Get to your horse, we need to be moving.”

The wizard laughed, “Very well.  We each reach our destiny eventually.”

Cedric looked meaningfully at Ro’s final resting place. “We all die eventually. The rest depends upon what we do, and don’t do. Lots of men die waiting for their destiny.”

Alstone chuckled and mounted his horse. “Let’s go forth and find what awaits our choices, Captain.”

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