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Captain of the Guard: Attitude and its Limits

October 4, 2019

The road branched, one led deeper into the mountains to the west the other kept to the south toward Ryllos. The hound was waiting for them.

“Which way?” Cedric called.

“Depends.” Marious answered.

“For once, could something be simple with the three of you?”

Alstone started chuckling. Cedric glared at him for a moment, before easing his horse forward.

“If you wanted simple, you could return to your princess and simply tell her what had befallen her intended.” Marious replied.

“You are being bested by a dog in a game of wits, My Captain.” Vul said with amusement.

“How’s the rash?” Cedric snapped.

“Really, that’s uncalled for.” Vul pouted, a gloved hand reaching up and scratching the irritated skin before he realized what he was doing and stopped.

Cedric looked at the hound “What’s the problem?”

“Did we say it was a problem, Captain? Why do you assume it’s a problem?” Emile asked. “That kind of a negative attitude only hinders an individual.”

Pookie smirked, “That kind of negative attitude tends to keep a person alive.”

“Nonsense, you draw good things to you with a positive attitude and bad things to you with a negative one.”

“Really? The universe cares about your attitude and if you have a good one it rewards you? Bad things only happen to people with bad attitudes? I suppose that explains why I’m stuck with you.” Pookie mused. “I think I shall try it.” He put on a huge grin that looked more fearsome than pleasant. “Wonderful day, Cedric, the sky is a particularly lovely shade of blue, and the smell of game in the wind is invigorating. It is pleasant chatting like this along a rustic country road. Have I told you how much I enjoy your company over that of the Travelers? No? Well, your yoke is much less onerous.”

Pookie glanced over toward Emile and his smile changed into a snarl. “You’re still here, it didn’t work.”

“I love you, Pookie.” Emile said sweetly.

“I hope you get mange!”

“Please,” Cedric interrupted, “What are my choices?”

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