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Captain of the Guard: Angry Autumn

October 7, 2019

The westward road climbed steadily into the low-lying mountains, around a bend, it opened into a clearing. Cedric reined in his horse to take in the scene before him. A thin, fairly petit woman with flaming red hair was trying to hold off three men with a thin blade, her back to a tree.

One of the men laughed as he pushed her blade back. There were horses, three of them looked like typical riding horses; the last was a beautiful black stallion, with braided mane. It spoke of obvious wealth.

All this he took in immediately. His instincts told him the woman was nothing but trouble. Before he could do anything though, Fin charged past him yelling wordlessly.

“Stop!” He shouted, but it was too late. The young man rushed the brigands. They heard him and turned. The woman used the opportunity to skewer one of the men, her blade piercing the man’s jerkin, slipping through his ribs and out the other side.

As the man fell, she tried to pull the blade out, but it stuck and the pommel slipped out of her grasp.

The remaining two, ran for their horses, and scrambled into their saddles. Finn was almost on top of them. One of them had a cross bow strapped to his saddle. He lifted the weapon and let loose the bolt.

It shot home, with a large thud into Fin’s chest. Blood poured from the poor soldier’s mouth, as he fell backward, his feet still in the stirrups, his mount veered away from the two outlaws bouncing Fin’s body along its rump.

Putting the spurs to their animals, the two brigands headed away from Cedric’s party, but they hadn’t gone far when their horses reared up. The hound was waiting patiently in the road.

They cut down the two brigands quickly.

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