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Captain of the Guard: Something in the Air

October 11, 2019

Definitely a princess: not a request, but a command. The sense of entitlement, the lack of any compunction about stabbing someone in the back – she was royalty. Cedric decided that he would make a sacrifice at every temple he came upon until the forces that had aligned against him relented.

“Of course we will.” Raven gushed.

Cedric help back the urge to cuff the scrawny little druid. “No, we won’t.”

Autumn’s nostril’s flared and she opened her mouth to retort, when Cedric cut her off, “We are not taking you to see a cairn. We’re heading after the one’s that killed him and we are not wasting time.” Cedric realized he had just made another horrible mistake.

“Then I shall go with you.” Autumn announced.

Raven was droning on as the men tried not to fidget. Cedric noted with unease that except for Alstone, Vul and Whisper all the men were clumped around Autumn and Raven kept glancing in her direction. Things had already changed in the group and probably not for the better.

Cedric backed away from the ceremony and drifted over to the hound. Pookie was drowsing. Marious seemed deep in thought and Emile was listening intently to Raven.

Pookie opened an eye and looked in Cedric’s direction, before closing it again. He wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult on Pookie’s part.

“Something we can help you with, Captain?” Marious asked.

“Yeah, the woman. Tell me, is she a princess?”

Emile tilted his head, “Very perceptive of you, Captain.”

Pookie chuffed, “More perceptive than you, Emile. You couldn’t tell the difference between cheap perfume and blue blood.”

“I take that as a yes.”

“You are correct.” Marious replied.

“Can you tell from where?”

Pookie laughed, “No. We could make a guess based on the smells upon her earlier, but it is much too complicated now.”


“There’s a lot of love in the air.” Emile smiled.

Pookie barked, “You mean lust.”

“Don’t listen to him,” Emile said in disgust, “Pookie doesn’t believe in love.”

Cedric cut them off. “Before this gets in an argument, it doesn’t matter if its love or lust.”

Marious nodded, “It’s going to be a problem for you.”

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