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Captain of the Guard: Of the Nature of Men and Beasts

October 17, 2019

“Nice to see you,” Cedric said, while implying the opposite, he turned back to the hound. He noticed that Pookie was watching the charlatan warily and while it was hard to read the expressions of the monstrous beast, both Marious and Emile both seemed tense.

“All of my men are interested in her, even Whisper?”

“Don’t forget Raven.” Alstone suggested

“Especially Raven.” Pookie snorted.

Emile sighed, “I had thought better of the lad.”

Pookie made it clear that he was shrugging the hound’s shoulders. “Men are men, even the scrawny ones, ” he glanced sidelong at the mage, “Most of them anyway.  Why you mortals tend to engage in such counter-productive behavior around a potential mate is beyond me. If she is in heat, take her,  if she is your mate, protect her, if she neither of those, ignore her.”

“You really are ghastly.” Emile said, horrified.

“We don’t work that way.” Cedric said.

Pookie chuffed, “All animals work that way, especially when it comes to fighting over a female and you, Captain, and your men are all animals just like every other . . . beast.”

“I’m not going to discuss mating with you.”

“I guarantee, you’d learn something,” Pookie snorted.

“Vul and Alstone,” Cedric pointed a shoulder in the Charlatan’s direction, “are the only ones I don’t have to worry about.”

“We didn’t say that,” Marious responded. “They just aren’t influenced by her charms.”

Pookie rolled his eyes.

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