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Captain of the Guard: Following the Recipe

October 23, 2019

The door to the chamber finally opened. Silas turned as soon as heard the creak of the hinges and the sound of the door sweeping open.

“Finally….” He started to say but then looked in confusion at the two individuals entering the room, “what are you doing here?”  Though he recognized them, he didn’t expect to see them here.

“We’re here to see you, lad.” The first one to enter the room said mournfully.

“You are?” Silas was confused, “I’m supposed to see the general.”

“You already have seen him and told him everything they needed to know.”  The second one said.

“No I haven’t.”  Silas responded.

“Not to bright, is he?” said the second, her voice was matter of fact.

“No reason to mean to the poor kid,” said the first, he gave the boy a small little smile.  Silas wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be reassuring, because it wasn’t.

The second one glared at the first and Silas got the distinct impression that there was going to be a fight between the two later. The second was used to being in charge and she did not like back talk.

“The king placed a special order with us and we’re here to deliver.”

“The king ordered a pie?” Silas was still confused.

The tall sad baker looked at him for a moment, “in a manner of speaking we take care of his baking needs. We make sure to follow the recipe.”

Before Silas knew what was happening, a small blade entered below his ribs and up to pierce his heart. He gasped, but found it had to do much of anything.

“Shush, its all over now, lad.” The thin man lowered him to the floor.

“You’ve gotten blood all over you.” The large women said in disapproval.

The last thing Silas heard was the thin man sighing resignedly.

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