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Moon becomes shadowed, Sun changes hue

April 22, 2020
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Age of the wolf begins with a howl in the north,
Having eagerly waited, the four sally forth.
Carmine mounts up with the albescent one,
The time of the rabbit is over and done.
What’s long been divided no longer will hold,
Grievances return strengthened over tenfold.
Ones that are grasping will hold harder still.
Hearts will be hardened and know only ill-will.
Those their independence did happily revel,
Find they were always in service to a devil.
Love that was strong, the stronger will grow,
Though many will find discord’s all that they sow.
Soon the last hundred fades to be but a dream,
Fate catches everyone in its dark scheme.
What remains is to choose to die or to do,
As Moon become shadowed, Sun changes hue.

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