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Echo Sonnet No. 8 and No. 9

May 7, 2020

No. 8

Loving you became a drug I crave
One night you and your mom runs
In a restaurant that felt like a cave
Your father then asked my intentions,

If I saw you had another, he did too
So for you he cared, me he did not
I am a scoundrel, a bastard its true
I told him I’m not one to tie the knot.

He tried to convince me with the truth
That no one is marriage material made
Movies end in a wedding, a half-truth
In marriage desire, love, dies, fade.

Later you’ll say I’m rotten that way
I’ve never forgotten anything you say.

No. 9

I’ve never forgotten anything you say
Ancients tell true, marriage is a yoke
Prefer my heart tear for you one day
Then you hate me, my spirit be broke.

Every married couple that I’ve seen
Hid in façade, spoke with false breath
Filled with contempt and each demean
Obligation, not love, ends in bed death.

Your rages, anger, fury I happily endure
But love not freely given is no love at all
Its only a gift if its not required and pure
Love’s paradox makes one into a thrall.

Cherished each moment you’re with me
All I did for you, was willing and free.

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