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Mirror in the Desert: Hiding (part 4)

May 14, 2020

Its been a while, for the previous installments use the following links:

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I considered what I should do next.  My vehicle was down there where all the mayhem was and I didn’t particularly want to go down there while all the homicidal middle managers and human resource types were looking for anyone to make permanently unemployed.

As for the Carnival Genesius, except for the one fleeing, they seemed to be massacred down to the last one of them including the women and children. It looked and felt surreal from this vantage point, like I was accidently watching some violent horror movie I had come across right in the middle of it while flipping channels and couldn’t figure out the plot because I had missed too much already to make sense of what was going on.

So going down was a bad idea which left two choices, head farther into the interior or hiding.  Sitting here would make the choice for me.  I got up and headed back to my tent and hurriedly packed everything up.  I didn’t care how it got in the bags or the pack, I just stuffed everything as fast as I could.  I was pretty sure I tore the tent in one or two places in my rush.

Whatever decision I was going to make I wanted to minimize any sign that I was around.  Things could be replaced.  Assuming I got the opportunity to replace it.

As I was jamming the wet tent into its bag I realized I was really left with only one option.  It was still lightly drizzling sporadically and if I headed down the trail I would leave foot prints that could be followed.  It was also dark, and the possibility of me slipping and hurting myself increased as well.

I tucked my gear as far back as I could, covered it with underbrush and headed carefully back to the trial to see if I could mask what foot prints I had left.  It always seemed easy on television.  I remember reading once that the trick of going through water didn’t work, that it actually made it worse once you left the water you dripped and left even more of you scent to be picked up.

Which made me think of dogs.

Please God, don’t let there be any dogs, I fervently prayed.  I didn’t think I was the type of man that the guy upstairs would listen to, but then I had just witnessed a fire fight between harlequins and the suburban death squad so anything was possible.

I didn’t see any dogs and when I listened, I didn’t hear any hounds either.  That didn’t relieve me of my concerns though.  I remember how the doll carrier had seemly tracked the one individual that had escaped.

Just thinking about the doll made me shiver uncontrollably.  I didn’t get very far when could hear the ragged breathing of someone trying to run.  I scurried away from the path just in time as the jester made it up an incline.

He looked younger close up as he shambled into view slightly hunched over.  He was carrying something, his arms wrapped around it.  It was almost the size of his torso.  It took me a moment to realize that it was some kind of mirror, around the edge of it was a strange frame that looked in the moonlight like it was tarnished silver shaped in a wavy serpentine pattern.

Some trick of the light made it appear to writhe in the youth’s hands.  I couldn’t understand what would be so important about a mirror that someone would burden himself with it and clutch it so protectively while running for his life.

He kept glancing behind him, looking for his pursuers which caused him to stumble.  He let out a small cry before catching himself.  Some sympathy for his plight made me want to call out to him, to reach out and lend a hand, but like a coward I kept silent and he stumbled further down the path.

In his terror he had not seen me, or if he had his mind had not identified me as anything to pay attention to.  His own tracks seemed to have obliterated mine.  I backed away from the trail slowly.  Scooping up dirt here and there and smearing it on my exposed skin to hopefully dull the shine in the dark.

Then I waited for the others to arrive.

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