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May 15, 2020

Your voice calls like the sirens of the sea
Transforming me into a beast like Circe
Rough ridden by you as Phyllis did to Ari
Dancing like lithe Maenad enflamed me
It was a strange elixir you into me pour
Started with a base of dark desire liquor
Add a dash or two of longing, but no more
A squeeze of heart ache to make it thicker
Then a hint of a promise, a splash of hope
Take it all and shake over burning hot ice
Pour into glass washed with purity soap
Garnish with a slice of passion and vice
While I was drunk on your madness wine
A glamour of lost dreams did you weave
Wrapping my soul in lust’s thorny vine
Bound me with soft bites so I can’t leave
Now I’m trapped in your magic snare
With no hope of escape even if I dare.

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