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I hate cell phones

April 18, 2011

     The other day I was in a sentencing hearing for a client charged with felony domestic violence.  The doors to the courtroom clearly say:  Turn off all cell phones.
     In the middle of his sentencing hearing, my client’s phone goes off.
     He has a personal ringtone.
     It’s a rap song.
     About slapping a bitch.
     The lyrics can be clearly heard.
     “Shut it off.” I hiss.
     He scrambles to turn off the phone, pulling it out of his pocket and pressing button frantically.
     The judge doesn’t say anything.
     I begin speaking on my client’s behalf.  I talk about the changes he has made.   That he’s working, and supporting his children.  That he has a new attitude in life and toward women because of his counseling.  He understands what he did was wrong.
     The phone goes off again.
     He is so screwed.

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