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Captain of the Guard: A Diversion

October 5, 2019

“Please,” Cedric interrupted, “What are my choices?”

Marious answered, “The men you seek headed south.”


Emile answered, “There is a woman traveling alone that is in trouble with brigands.”

Pookie’s lip curled, “Emile thinks it’s important. Personally anyone that travels alone gets what’s coming to them.”

“It shouldn’t be that way.” Emile retorted.

“Should, or shouldn’t, don’t matter.” Pookie replied, “Only what is. People that live their lives on what they think the world should be get eaten.”

Raven had caught up them and was still breathing hard when he said, “We should go to the aid of the woman. That is the harmonious choice.”

“How much time will it take?”

“Not a very chivalrous question, My Captain.” Vul rubbed his face where the rash was still peeling away.

“If she is too far away, we won’t get there in time.”

“I wouldn’t have mentioned it, if there wasn’t enough time.” Emile answered.

“We are wasting time.” Alstone suggested. “And the choice will be made for us.”

Cedric looked at Al, if he was involved with the assassination of Ro, then he would be pushing for rescuing the girl.

“Fine.” Cedric said after a moment hesitation and spurred his horse to the road heading west. He could swear that Pookie was laughing, the animal bounded into the woods and disappeared. For an animal so large, it had no trouble moving stealthily through the forest and underbrush.

The westward road climbed steadily into the low-lying mountains, around a bend, it opened into a clearing. Cedric reined in his horse to take in the scene before him. A thin, fairly petite woman with flaming red hair was trying to hold off three men with a thin blade, her back to a tree.

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