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Captain of the Guard: Seeking a Hero

October 8, 2019

Captain, you’re not acting with the proper respect for an avatar of the mother.” Raven said while looking at Autumn with something akin to reverence.

“What?” Cedric glanced at Raven while keeping his blade an inch from the woman’s throat. Just behind Raven, Alstone stood. The peasant mage glanced from the young druid to Cedric. Still astride his horse, Vul watched the scene with amusement.

Raven walked to Autumn, then hesitantly offered his hand to her, his fingers trembling slightly. “I apologize for your treatment.” The young priest bowed.

The blade mistress looked at the scrawny young man with disgust and pushed Cedric’s blade away. “I can get up on my own,”

Raven’s face crumpled and it took him a full moment to withdraw his hand.

“Go prepare a sermon for Fin.” Cedric felt tired. He looked over at the woman, “Are we going to have any more trouble?”

“I don’t know, are we?”

“Are you going cause any more trouble?” Cedric enunciated each word and raised his blade slightly.

“I don’t cause trouble,” Autumn sheathed her blade, “but I finish it.”

Cedric let out a slow breath, “Are you going to finish any more trouble?”

A crooked smile touched Autumn’s lips. The lower lip was getting puffy. “That depends on whether you start anything.”

Cedric placed his blade back in the scabbard and didn’t answer her. Dirt was already being thrown over the bodies of the three brigands. A more substantial hole was being formed for Fin.

“May I ask, what you are doing out here, milady?” Raven was leaning forward, his hands clasped in front of him. I look of yearning and fear on his face as he addressed Autumn.

She didn’t look at him as she answered, “I’m looking for a hero.”

Vul laughed, “Then look no further, for you have found one.”

“You’re no hero.”

Vul tittered. “Oh no, angry Autumn, I am no hero. Nor is yonder mage one, though he is a companion to one. Our dear man Cedric is a hero – A rescuer of monsters and men, able to win games that cannot be won, and curse breaker.”

“I heard that! I am not a monster!” Emile exclaimed from across the clearing.

Vul waved a hand in dismissal. “Regardless, if you seek a hero, you have found one.”

“I’m not a hero.” Cedric said tiredly. Hearing Vul’s nonsense about himself, Cedric realized that Ro might have had less to do with his reputation than the flights of fancy that others had about him.

“I don’t seek any hero, I seek one in particular.” Autumn said primly. “His name is Ro.”

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